If you like history, you’ll like apartment-hunting in Albuquerque’s Northwest Quadrant. Just a few minutes from your front door, you’ll find Old Town and the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.

But before you get too excited, let’s start with exactly which area makes up the Northwest Quadrant!

As you may already know, Albuquerque is divided into four quadrants. The Northwest Quadrant includes everything that’s north of Central Avenue and west of the railroad tracks. While it’s not as big as the Northeast Quadrant, this quadrant includes the biggest portion of downtown, the North Valley neighborhood, and the Westside neighborhood. It’s bordered to the north by Rio Rancho — so if you’re planning on working at the Intel facility up there, the Northwest Quadrant will offer you apartments that are, on average, cheaper than what you’d pay in Rio Rancho, with a quick commute.

In fact, the Northwest Quadrant tends to be the most budget-friendly in all of Albuquerque. In it, you’ll find a number of low- and middle-income neighborhoods, along with more upscale neighborhoods like Taylor Ranch and Paradise Hills.

OK, so why should you live here?

If you’re a history buff, you’ll love living close to Old Town. Amongst the old adobe buildings are museums, restaurants, shops, art galleries, and even the Rio Grande Zoo.

You’ll also be fascinated by Martineztown — a neighborhood that originally developed as a place where Spanish colonists migrated their herds during the summer months. These were the same colonists who developed Old Town, so there is plenty of deep history to see and enjoy here.

As far as more modern conveniences go, the Northwest Quadrant is also home to Cottonwood Mall. So if you decide to rent an apartment here, you’ll have easy access to more than 130 stores — including four department stores — and a movie theater.

Even though it takes up more than 25 square miles of Albuquerque, the Northwest Quadrant isn’t as crowded as you might think. In fact, the population density on this side of town is considerably less than Albuquerque as a whole, so if you want an apartment where you can spread out a little bit, this may be the perfect side of town for you!

On average, the Northwest Quadrant has more Albuquerque natives than the city as a whole. So, if you’re looking for an apartment where you can enjoy a very traditional Albuquerque experience, you’ll likely find it here. In fact, some of the locals swear that this side of town is home to the very best Mexican food in all of Albuquerque!